About Us 

Theta Discoveries, Inc. was launched in 1988 through the efforts of Sr. Eileen Stattel, an experienced principal, administrator, and teacher in New York's Catholic elementary schools. In her years of school service, Sr. Eileen recognized a great need for support in maintaining administrative records in Diocesan school offices. To fill this need, Theta Discoveries was formed to develop their School Office Software (SOS).

Theta's SOS software is currently in use managing the financial and student records of over 300 private schools. Besides their growth with SOS, Theta's business has expanded to provided school offices and classrooms with customized computer hardware and software, design and install complete computer labs, provide Internet wiring and hook up, and service and maintain all their work. And Theta's list of services is growing....


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"Reports and information on students and families are always available without any effort on my part. The program is clear, concise and easy to use."

     Nancy Quinn, Secretary
     St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Regional School
     East Meadow, NY


"As a result of using this program, my records are always up-to-date and accurate - I don't know how I ever got along without this School Office program."
     Sr. Mary Ferro, SSD
     Administrator, St. Patrick School
     Staten Island, NY