Theta's Religious Education Program Management  Solution 

Simple and easy to use, our Religious Education Solution will allow Catechists to gain control over their programs through Centralized Program Management.

Product Features include;

Student lists:

  • Alphabetical lists-choice of additional listings; parents, emergency contact, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Emergency Cards
  • Total Student Listings-all grades with choice of additional listings; parents emergency contact, phone number, etc.
  • Summary student reports of students in a particular school district
  • Public School District lists of students, including options for parents’ names addresses, phone numbers, date of birth and grade.  Ability to separate by grade or entire listing of program population.
  • Mailing labels; all children, oldest child, new children in program.
  • Rolodex cards listing parents, emergency information

Class lists:

  • Current grades or grades next year; all grades, listed grades or one grade.
  • Class lists of special classes, i.e. Choir, Altar servers, etc.
  • Option to indicate oldest and/or new students in program.
  • Options to separate boys and girls, listing parents, phone, emergency information, school district, lined or non-lined, or grid reports.
  • Bus lists

Family lists:

  • Total and summary family lists with ability to list current families, next year’s families and families that have not registered their children for the following school year.
  • Listing of families with new students in the program.
  • All listings are cross-referenced (last names of parents and students differ) for easy access.
  • Re-registration forms.
  • Mailing labels; all families, families with new children.
  • Rolodex cards listing emer5gency information and students in family in program
  • Catechist Reports:
  • Organizational sheet of program listing catechist’s grades, section and sessions with totals
  • Catechist’s fact sheet; years in program, courses taken, etc.
  • Sacramental Information:
  • Natural parents and religion
  • Church of reception of each of the sacraments with location and date.
  • Confirmation cards


  • Automatically assigns fees to families based on selected criteria; number of children in the family, grades the students are in, affiliation of the family, etc.
  • Bills are generated by the program; includes a summary of the billing and a billing stub.
  • Bills are self addressed and fit conveniently into a dual window envelope.
  • Multiple reports available; arrears, payment record, billing ledge, etc.
  • Ability to generate a late fee if desired.
  • Ability to add a fee for a bounced check.

Expanded Features:

  • Automated promotion of students-advancing students to next grade level and putting 8th grade students into an alumnae file.
  • Ability to assign room numbers or sections and sessions to a particular grade prior to or after promotion.
  • Ability to print all of the reports for the current as well as the next program year.
  • Ability to print birthday reports for the entire program for each month; includes date, student and grade.
  • Ability to generate emails for all parents and catechists