Our parish office program was designed for use in the rectory to keep track of your parishoners. Our programmers have consulted with secretaries and business managers in parishes to figure out what they truly needed in an office software program.


Family Based

Theta’s parish office software program lists the families that belong to your parish. Their profile lists their address, phone number, email address and also shows their last donation.


Keep track of how much your parishoners have donated and when. Our donation module makes it easy to enter in parishoner’s donations.


You will have the ability to generate many reports about the donations you are receiving and lists of parishoners.

Religious Ed. & School

In the family profiles you can also mark if a child in a family is enrolled in religious education or your parish’s school.
Theta offers an all in one solution for schools. Our software program keeps track of students, faculty, financials, rooms and sessions. Includes professional reports, family based programming, teacher reports, and so much more.

Human Support

Theta may be a tech company, but we do not believe in full customer service automation. We here at Theta believe it is important to speak with our customers whenever they need us. When you call or email Theta you will always be speaking with a knowledgable and caring person.