Religious Education

We offer a web based program for Directors of Religious Education. Our Religious Education Automation System (RelEduWEB) saves time and money. Easy to learn and teach!With our program you can easily create class lists, student lists, family lists, sacramental reports, catechist reports, keep track of financial information and print financial reports, and so much more. Our team can transfer your existing data (from excel, access, etc…) into our program and have you up and running in no time. Our program is web based which means you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection.


Financial Capabilities

Have the ability to create and assign specific fees tailored to your needs. Track and take in payments. Generate bill stubs and payment reports. Ability to add late fees if desired.

Sacramental Information

Store baptismal, eucharist, and confirmation information on student’s profiles. Run and print our sacramental report to generate sacarmental information about each student. Our confirmation cards make it easy to inform the church of baptism after your student’s confirmation.

Catechist Reports

Our organizational sheet lists total students by grade, section and sessions. Our catechist fact sheet lists catchechists’ information such as: address, phone number, and courses taken.


Our program makes registration easy! Simply press a button to generate and print out re-registration forms for all of your students. Keep track of payments and registration fees owed in our financial module. Click Here to see a sample of our re-registration form.

Family Reports

Total or summary lists of families available. Our program is family based, if a student and their parent’s last names differ our program cross references and keeps the student and family connected.

Student Reports

Summary student reports which can be seperated by grade, section and session. Ability to list public school, parent’s names, address, phone number, date of birth, and grade. Mailing labels available adressed to students or parents.

Class Lists

Sort by current grades or next years registered students. Option to indicate oldest child or newest child in the program. Options to seperate boys and girls. Listing options include: parent’s names, phone number, emergency information, and public school. Lined or non lined and grid reports available. Class directory in alphabetical order listed by grade, section and sessions available.

Email Notification System

With the click of a button you can now send out an email to your entire program or just one grade. Many of our DRE’s use this feature for snow days, school closings, monthly calendars for events, important sacramental dates and much more.

Sacramental Reports

With the click of a button compile reports based on student’s sacramental information. This includes our popular certificates. Select your own image and personalized with your church, pastor, and child’s name. Available for reconciliation, communion, and confirmation. Click here to see a sample of our communion certificate.

Professional Support

When you call or email Theta you will always be speaking to a real person. We believe in quick service and knowledgable answers.

School Year Promotion

Our software program makes it simple to advance your students into the next school year. It only takes a few minutes to promote your registered students and even consolidate last year’s fees.