Churches United for Fair Housing Fights for New York Tenant’s Rights

In Albany, New York this week at the state’s capitol building protestors flocked to block off parts of the building. This act of civil disobedience was spurred by the June 15th deadline for a package of reforms to renter’s rights.This nine bill package will ultimately protect New York City’s one million rent stabilized tenants and renters throughout New York State.

These nine bills will mostly help the many Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx renters who pay over 30 percent of their income on rent alone. On the opposite side are the landlords and owners. Pro landlord organizations that are fighting these bills believe they will put working class landlords in financial trouble. Catholic organizer from Churches United For Fair Housing, Charlie Dulik, believes everyone deserves a roof over their heads. These bills will affect so many renters and that is what has spurred the recent protests.

State Senator Julia Salazar, who is for these nine bills, believes New York state renters need the protection. She spoke about how the landlord lobby has used money to write the laws in their favor and that it is time for this to stop.

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