Facial Recognition Technology & How it Can Make Your Trip Through Airport Security Easier

The US Customs and Border Protection have recently started a program called Biometric Exit. Biometric Exit is a face-matching process that scans your face and compares it to your passport photo which is stored in a database. The process would start at the check in desk, repeat at the security line and gate. If your face matches you are given the all clear to board your plane. This program is currently used at 17 airports in the US

The US Customs agency intends to have the Biometric Exit system scan 97 percent of all outbound international travelers by 2021. The US Customs and Border Protection are not the only ones testing out facial recognition software. The Transportation Security Agency are testing facial recognition cameras all over airports.

According the the US Customs agency, the Biometric Exit program has been conceptualized to change the obligation of manually checking paper travel documents. This program implements an automatic identity verification procedure everywhere a passenger shows their documents in each step of the travel course.

The US Customs and Border Protection agency says this facial recognition technology has the capability to make travel more comfortable and protected because it creates a digital facial impression exclusive to you.

There are already critics against this technology. Many do not appreciate that this technology has already appeared in airports with no public comment or approval first.

Click here for a link to the official pamphlet released by the US Customs and Border Protection agency.

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Credit goes to Cnet.com, CPB.gov and Pexels for information and images.