Second Annual Collars v.s. Scholars Game for Catholic School Night Takes Place on Coney Island

Priests and Catholic educators got together at the Coney Island MCU Ballpark on June 17th. The ball game is only one of the events taking place on Catholic school night. Over fifty valedictorians and salutatorians are being honored for their academic achievements.

Among the ball players that evening was Sister Shirlee Tremont from Saint Bernadette’s in Brooklyn. According to many, she is the M.V.P. to beat. Each time wished each other good luck before taking the field.

Sister Shirlee spoke briefly about how important a Catholic education truly is.

“Catholic education is the bedrock of our future of the Church. These are the kids that get to really know and live out, hopefully day-by-day, the Catholic faith, a life of prayer and Jesus Christ. There’s nothing more important than that,”

Sister Shirlee Tremont, June 17th 2019

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Image credit to Pexels.